We're advocates, connectors, and catalysts.

Who We Are

Magnify Community is a philanthropic innovation lab building a movement to invest in Silicon Valley nonprofit organizations.

We leverage the expertise of existing organizations and pilot new tools to engage both new and experienced donors in the power of local giving. We believe making our community a top priority for philanthropists can make Silicon Valley a better place for all, and an important example for the rest of our country.

What we believe

Anyone who has found success in Silicon Valley should invest in the local community. We all love this place. We all benefit from Silicon Valley’s world-changing spirit of innovation. We share its stunning natural environment, its vibrant and diverse cultures, and its signature character of boundless possibility.

And yet it has become increasingly clear that we do not benefit equally from everything this special community has to offer. 

A growing understanding and acknowledgement of these disparities is driving a new era in local philanthropy - by and for our community. By coming together for our neighbors and by dedicating ourselves to tackling some of our time’s greatest challenges — right here in our own Valley — we have the opportunity to create real change that will impact all our lives into the future

How we work

We pilot ideas, bring people together, and spark action. We’re continually testing unconventional ways to make the local philanthropic experience more accessible, effective, and joyful.

We don’t collect or distribute capital. We engage and connect Silicon Valley donors to explore and act on opportunities to channel more of their giving locally.

Our work is urgent and time-bound (sunsetting in September 2021). We are building a movement of local giving that will live and thrive beyond the scope of our innovation lab.

Our Funders

We’re backed by some of the most respected foundations in the Valley.

The Grove Foundation

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