Invest where you live.


We’re building a movement of donors and leaders who share our belief that local giving should be part of every Silicon Valley philanthropy portfolio.


Silicon Valley is home to some of the world’s foremost leaders in philanthropy, funding social innovation and impact around the globe. Yet the opportunity to seed tremendous change begins right here at home.

Silicon Valley is a nexus for innovation, and our nonprofit sector is no exception. We see extraordinary impact in connecting local philanthropists with the nonprofits and leaders who are urgently and creatively addressing our community’s most pressing challenges.

We engage philanthropists in our community to re-envision their giving strategies through a local lens — to discover, foster, and sustain a thriving, inventive nonprofit sector here in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.

Together, with committed donors and allies, we work to set new norms that make local giving a priority, recognizing not only the stark gaps and needs in our own communities but the tremendous strengths and opportunities afforded by our local nonprofits.

When more local donors give more locally, our nonprofits can significantly strengthen their capacity to do what they do so uniquely and importantly: fill the gaps in our areas of most intense need while elevating solutions that benefit us all.

That dynamic, necessary work is happening everyday in neighborhoods from San Jose to San Mateo, from Daly City to Gilroy. To advance that work, we ask donors to give where they live. To take a closer look at both the challenges and opportunities in our Valley. To start here at home, and to magnify our community.

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Explore a growing movement of some of the Valley's most influential philanthropists committing additional resources to local nonprofits.

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Local giving should be a norm in Silicon Valley. Learn more about this growing local giving movement, and how you can activate your networks to give more locally.

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